Forward March Festival

Toronto, ON - April 2022

Theatre Direct

The Assembly was originally commissioned by Theatre Direct to be part of the 2022 Forward March Festival, where young audiences and families could participate in an intergenerational Assembly in Toronto’s Earlscourt Park. This outdoor iteration of The Assembly used a transportable interactive set, and audiences acted as stewards of Earlscourt Park for 150 years over the course of the run.

Photography: Sam Polzin Photography

The facilitators ask an audience member for their thoughts. The Dashboard behind them tracks the year, the Collapse Metre, resources stored in the Vault, and the available Emergency Actions. To their right, an ASL interpreter translates.

MACRO Digitals: Connections

Halifax, NS - March 2022

Eastern Front Theatre

A version of The Assembly for adult audiences was created as an interactive exhibit in Eastern Front Theatre’s 2022 MACROS: Connections. This production featured an online stream that allowed players from around the world to collaborate with in-person audiences. Over several continuous days of gameplay, audiences guided their downtown core through over 100 years of disasters and deliberations.

Set Design: Holly Meyer-Dymny

Digital Game Design: BAGEL+BALLOON

Photography: Daniel Wittnebel

The interactive Assembly set, designed by Holly Meyer-Dymny. The set tracks three metrics (Society, Pollution, and Development) and demonstrates how possible votes and decisions will affect the current standings. The blue base is based on the map of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where the production took place.