How are we going to be remembered by future generations?

How Does The Show Work?

Form an Assembly and collectively oversee the long-term prosperity of your community, guided by our facilitators. While balancing your current needs and staving off collapse, you must strategize to create a sustainable future, because every performance of The Assembly relies on the outcome of the last.

To date, past audiences of all ages have managed to continue

The Assembly for 280 years of gameplay.

The Assembly is a piece about intergenerational solidarity and broadening our democracy, where audiences can see their decisions ripple through history.

In an environment where empathy for the ‘other’ is in short supply, we want to go even further by advocating empathy for unborn generations. We are colonizing our descendants’ lives with our decisions, now more than ever, while their interests are mostly left unconsidered in a representative democracy that suffers from election myopia.

The Assembly was designed as an opportunity to exercise empathy in diverse circumstances, and we create different versions of the experience tailored to different ages, venues, and budgets. No matter the scale of the experience or the ages of our audiences, the core belief behind The Assembly remains that long-term thinking must become central to our worldview, or we are all doomed to become ‘bad ancestors’.